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Dear Speaker:

Thank you for agreeing to speak to us. For your reference, below are some general
guidelines for our speakers. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact
us. We look forward to seeing you.

New York Taiwanese Finance Association


1. Topics & contents. Please prepare topics that are of general interests to our members, the majority of whom are professionals. We trust your judgment in choosing the appropriate contents for your speech. However, we do request that you avoid the following subject matters:

a. Commercial advertisements, promotions, or direct sales;

b. Personal attacks or inflammatory languages.

2. Written materials. If you need to distribute written materials to the audience, please prepare the materials yourself in advance. Again, we trust your judgment in choosing the contents to be included in the written materials, but please refrain from excessive commercial advertisements or promotions, or inflammatory languages.

3. Technology needs. Depending on the venue, we may not be able to accommodate Powerpoint presentation or other technology needs. Please contact us in advance if you intend to use auxiliary presentation equipments.

4. Duration. Normally, our speech sessions span approximately one hour. If there is more than one speaker, each speaker will generally share the time equally. Except for panel discussions, we recommend that you leave ~1/4 of your allocated time for Q&A.

5. Language. Please be prepared to speak in English, although it is generally acceptable to blend in a different language (e.g., Mandarin or Taiwanese) during the speech. If you need to speak principally in a different language, please notify us in advance.

6. Formalities. We have traditionally conducted our speech events in a sincere and respectful but casual format. If you prefer a more formal format, please inform us in advance.

7. Your bio. Please prepare a bio of yours, so your audience may know you better.

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