Past Event Announcement: 11/29/2007


Event Announcement, November 21, 2007



Turkey-After Rumination

NYTFA and Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission cordially invite you to an evening of holiday spirit on 11/29 (Thu). We are pleased to present two distinguished speakers for the evening. Mr. Michael Ranieri, Managing Director of Korea Center for International Finance, a think tank advising the South Korean government, will first speak on the topic, "Sovereign Wealth Fund". Our second speaker of the evening, Mr. Wen-Dar Chen, V.P. and Fixed-Income Portfolio Manager at Delaware Investments, an asset management firm with over $160 billion assets under management, will then speak on "2007 Financial Market Crisis - Review & Outlook".

Due to security concerns, RSVP by 11/27 (Tue) is mandatory. If you haven't done so, please email a capsule bio of yous to NYTFA dot mail at gmail dot com, so the speakers and other guests can get to know you better. 


Please come and enjoy!

Time:  Thu, Nov 29th 5:30pm – 8:30pm


Place: Taipei Economic & Cultural Office, 1 E. 42nd Street, corner of 5th avenue



  • 5:30-6:00pm : registration
  • 6:00–6:30pm : Mr. Michael Ranieri: "Sovereign Wealth Fund"  
  • 6:30-7:00pm  Mr. Wen-Dar Chen: "2007 Financial Market Crisis - Review & Outlook"
  • 7:00–8:30pm : Mixing & dinner

Cost: $20


Michael J. Ranieri, Managing Partner, KCIF, Inc.

Michael J. Ranieri is a distinguished international banker. During his nearly 25 years as an international banker, he spent 21 of those years working in Asia (Taipei, Bangkok and Hong Kong). From 1986 to 2003, Mr. Ranieri was managing director and deputy head of the Bank of New York's Asian business. He also sat on the board of directors and chaired the audit committee for Wing Hang Bank in Hong Kong.

Upon his return from Asia in 2003 and eventual departure from the Bank of New York, Mr. Ranieri became the managing director of a think tank, the Korea Center for International Finance, which advises the South Korean government on global risk and U.S. investor sentiment toward Korea and China.

Wen-Dar Chen, V.P. and Portfolio Manager, Delaware Investments

Wen-Dar Chen is currently a fixed-income portfolio manager with Delaware Investments, which is located in Philadelphia and has over $160 billion assets under management. Wen-Dar holds a Ph.D. from Princeton University.