Past Event Announcement: 8/27/2009


"Send Love to Taiwan" Charity Concerts

On 8/8/09, Typhoon Murakot caused incalculable losses of lives and damage in Taiwan, especially in the southern parts of the island.  NY Taiwanese Students Association, together with NYTFA and many other NY Asian American organizations have joined hands to sponsor a concert of music and love to raise direly needed funds for the victims and survivors of Murakot.

We would like to ask for your help for the concert, so we can contribute strong financial supports to our families, friends, neighbors, or just ordinary citizens in Taiwan. 

Every small contribution can make a great difference.  Please come to the concert, or otherwise contribute to our cause, and send our love to Taiwan!

When: Thursday, August 27, 5:30pm

Where: Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, 1 E. 42nd St. (corner of 5th Ave)


Concert Program:

  • Love and Hope & I Pray :  
    • (voice) Florinda Chan/Mark Lu 
    • (piano) Sharon Fann
  • Pablo de Sarasate: Zigeunerweisen Op.20 : 
    • (violin):Yo-yo Fann 
  • Begin of the Journey : 
    • (voice) Pauline Lin 
    • (piano) Cindy Lin 
  • NYC Floating : 
    • (dance):Judy Hung, Fantine Cheng 
  • Never Say Never : 
    • (voice/guitar):Kurt Tan 
    • (drummer):Tiffany Chern 
  • Taiwan I Love You  Band :  
    • (voice/keyboard/guitar/drummer): Pauline Lin, Cindy Lin, Doris Liu, Tiffany Chern,Charles Chen, Jenny Chung, Angie Cheng 
  • Hand in Hand Group/Band : 
    • (piano): Sharon Fann 
    • (violin): Yo-yo Fann 
    • (drummer): Amy Yang 
    • (chorus): Florinda Chan, Jay Pan, Kurt Tan, Mark Lu, Elizabeth Tin, Katherine Liu, Kenneth Liu, Claudia Lung,Tiffany Chern, Judy Hung, Lawrence Yan, King Chien, Therisa Li

Sponsored by

Taiwanese students in NY, with TECO-NY, ATANY, NYTFA, FTSANY, ABC, HelloNYC, CAAPS

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