Past Event Announcement: 6/25/2008


Spicing up summer 2008


Happy hours + karaoke

Summer time means fun time! No matter where your getaway destination is, why not start your summer fun by joining us for a Happy Hour & Karaoke, with of course, awesome friends to spice up the summer!

Date: June 25th (Wed)


Time & Location: See below.

Happy Hour

  • When: 6-8ish pm
  • Where: BUtterfield8, 5 E 38th Street, between 5th Ave & Madison
  • Cost: Pay as you order


  • When: 8:30pm-10:30pm
  • Where: Japas 38, 9 E 38th Street, between 5th Ave & Madison
  • Cost: $16 per person for 2 hours karaoke (before tax & tip)
  • Food & drinks separate extra.

We have reserved two tables near the DJ booth at BUtterfield8. Wednesday Happy Hour at BUtterfield8 is always crowded with young professionals, good music, great food and undoubtedly, fabulous fun time!

After the Happy Hour, we will "travel" to Japas 38 (only a few steps from BUtterfiled8). We will reserve the party room which can hold up to 35 people so that we can keep the party on. Party room will be booked 8:30-10:30pm---we can always move to the common area/bar 10:30pm and onwards.  

All is welcome to the Happy Hours at BUtterfield8. Space for the Karaoke, however, is limited. Please RSVP to NYTFA dot MAIL at GMAIL dot COM by 6/23.

Hope to see you there.