Past Event Announcement: 4/23/2008


Thinking About Quantitative Finance in the Wake of the Sub-prime Crisis

Challenged by the unprecedented financial "perfect storm", how do we bring about innovative solutions based on what we know? How do we link the financial theories to the post-subprime economies?

On Wednesday, April 23rd, we will be honored by the presence of two prominent speakers: Prof. Cheng-Few Lee of Rutgers University and Mr. Philip Ong of Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission. Prof. Lee has worked and taught in the field of quantitative finance for more than three decades, having authored numerous scholarly papers & textbooks, and enlightened many more students. He will take us through the evolution of quantitative finance and risk management. Also, Mr. Philip Ong, Director of the New York Office of the Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission, will share his thoughts on the sub-prime crisis. Their presentations represent a rare opportunity to share the paths of 2 great minds. Please come and enjoy!

Time:  5:30-8:00pm, Wed, April 23, 2008 

Place: Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in New York, 1 E. 42nd Street (corner of 5th Ave)


  • 5:30-6:00pm Registration
  • 6:00-6:30pm Prof Cheng-Few Lee: "Quantitative Finance and Risk Management: Past, Present, Future"
  • 6:30-7:00pm Mr. Philip Ong: "Some Thoughts on The Sub-prime Crisis"
  • 7:00-8:00pm Reception

Cost: $20 (Free for students with ID)


Prof. Cheng-Few Lee is a Distinguished Professor of Finance at Rutgers Business School, Rutgers University and was chairperson of the Department of Finance from 1988-1995. He has also served on the faculty of the University of Illinois (IBE Professor of Finance) and the University of Georgia. He has maintained academic and consulting ties in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and the United States for the past three decades. He has been a consultant to many prominent groups and companies.

Professor Lee founded the Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting (RQFA) in 1990 and the Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies (RPBFMP) in 1998, and serves as managing editor for both journals. He was also a co-editor of the Financial Review (1985-1991) and the Quarterly Review of Economics and Business (1987-1989). In the past thirty-two years, Dr. Lee has written numerous textbooks ranging in subject matter from financial management to corporate finance, security analysis and portfolio management to financial analysis, planning and forecasting, and business statistics. In addition, he has added a popular book entitled “Encyclopedia of Finance" (with Alice C. Lee).

Mr. Philip Ong is currently the Director of the New York Office of the Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission.