Who We Are


November 2007

     About two and a half years ago, a rare opportunity brought 20+ seasoned Wall Street professionals to a dinner in mid-town Manhattan. All of them came originally from Taiwan, and by then had scattered all over the New York Metropolitan area. Over sizzling food and steaming drinks, they chatted about a broad range of topics, and at the the end of the evening decided to join forces as a team to share resources, expand networks, advance interests, build collective influences, and contribute to the civil society. Thus, NYTFA was born!

     NYTFA is a nonprofit and nonpolitical professional association. The name of the association reflects the common geographical affinities, New York and Taiwan, shared by its founding members. Our membership base, however, expands beyond these geographical terms. We welcome anyone who upholds high professional standards and shares an interest in the welfare of Taiwan.

     NYTFA sponsored its first event in November 2005. Since then, we have sponsored / co-sponsored 18 events, set up a website, and accumulated more than 350 entries in our email list. Currently, we have sponsored principally speech events. Our prominent guest speakers have included entrepreneurs, university professors, fixed-income professionals, energy investment managers, investment bankers, attorneys, business and career service professionals, and nonprofit professionals. They have spoken on various subjects, such as financial markets, financial instruments, technology, corporations, law, charity giving, career planning, etc. We also sponsor frequent happy hour mixers.

     In our first two years, NYTFA has built up a significant network of talented professionals and individuals in the New York metropolitan area. We have also crystallized our goals in the acronym BANKS, representing Bridge, Advance, Network, Knowledge, and Share.

     We invite you to join us in this rewarding journey.